It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Updated: 13.02.2024

Version 1.0

Laying out the foundation
This roadmap is not set in stone and depends on community feedback. At this stage in development, we don't hesitate releasing breaking changes.
Primary stories
ProjectsManage multiple websites with a single Nitropage instance.
Blueprint PresetsWanna share a design across several elements, maybe across several pages without copy paste?
DocumentationThe documentation for users and developers will be an integral step towards 1.0.
User ManagementA section in the dashboard to manage admin users.
Media ManagementA new section in the dashboard to manage uploaded files and a better file upload dialog.
Meta framework migration
GroundworkThe underlying meta framework solid-start released a version with a whole new approach. The migration to it is still pending.
Image Resize APIRedesign the current image resize API, because of breaking changes from the framework migration.
Helpful features
Element SpacingsAdding a new unified way to configure spacings between elements.
Copy & Paste ElementsIn addition to the existing duplication feature, this adds a way to copy elements across different pages and Nitropage instances.
Page Revisions CleanupAn automated way to clean up old page revisions per page or per project.
Dashboard Customization APIThis will allow developers to include custom sections into the admin dashboard.

Version 2.0

Attaching the wings
Primary stories
OrganizationsGroup multiple projects together and give organisation members access to those projects.
Colors OverhaulManage the color presets from outside the editor. Import and Export presets from different projects.
Page LayoutsCurrently each page just has a header, main and footer region. Page layouts will allow you to customize the regions and define standard elements per region.
Visitor StatisticsGet an overview of your website visits without Google Analytics.
FormsImplement Form related blueprints and add a section in the admin dashboard to manage incoming data, from forms (e.g. contact forms).
Blueprint settings
LinksNew setting type to manage internal and external links.
Dates (calendar)New setting type to store dates.
GroupsLet developers group related blueprint settings in collapsible areas.
Advanced ListsMaking the lists collapsible and adding a sorting feature.
Helpful features
Create presets from current element settingsThis will allow you to turn existing element designs into new presets.
Richtext Link ColorA setting to globally configure and locally override the color of richtext links.
New Element Type SelectionOverhaul the element type selection dialog for new elements. Add new a recent type button, filters and new metadata such as icons, categories and descriptions.
Focal-Point Image Cropping
Captcha APIAn integrated captcha functionality that can be used in blueprints.

Long term plan

Backlog for future ideas and improvements
User ExperienceFeatures such as advanced Keyboard Shortcuts and Preview Zooming are added step by step.
Developer ExperienceContinuously improving the developer experience is a major goal of the project.
New Blueprints for the Starter KitThe starter kit used to launch new projects is an ever growing asset including community favorite blueprints.
Server-side rendering of CSS ModulesCSS Modules currently are not rendered on the server. The issue is being discussed on Github.
CommunityLets build a place to share blueprints, help each other and discuss about the web!
Long term
NewsletterAn integrated solution to manage newsletter lists and send newsletters.
Build-in Search
Import / Export
Offline editing
Managed SSLTo simplify the hosting of Nitropage, its planned to include an optional Caddy based proxy service which will automatically handle SSL for you.