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Visual website editing for individualists

The free visual website editor, that is powered with your own SolidJS components. Open Source and without a premium plan.Version: 0.58.1 (released 3. April)
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Not headless. Mindful.

Pragmatic by default

Nitropage is a design-focused toolbox, striving to automate the boring work. Its starter-kit comes with a growing library of free elements.

Flexible when needed

Define the look of your element types once for your whole project and then only override details as needed.


Travel back in time and recover old snapshots of your published pages. Or work on new drafts for an already published page.

Own your data

We deeply value your independence: Nitropage is designed for self-hosting, giving you a lot of autonomity, but also self responsibility.



  • Focus on designable elements instead of structured data.
  • Keep a balance between the needs of content creators, designers and developers.
  • Simplify the deployment of small websites.


  • Compatibility with old browsers is not a priority.
  • Updates are installed by developers, not by users.
  • A Nitropage specific hosting service is redundant, if the deployment is a walk in the park.

Frequently asked questions

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Currently there exists no serve-ready, hosted plan for Nitropage, so for the moment you need a developer with some DevOps and Nodejs experience. The mid-term goal is to simplify the hosting process as much as possible and provide free videos explaining the installation process.
Interested in working with Katja (the pioneer)? Ditto! You can find my contact details in the Contact section, I am eagerly awaiting your request!
The Solid communityAlternatively you can also join the friendly Solid-community discord and post your inquiry in the #nitropage or #job-opportunities channel.

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Send feedback

You have questions or want to share your experience with Nitropage? I would love to hear from you!


Work with me

Share any details and requirements about your project. I am excited to work with you!


Lufrai Community

Join the Lufrai Community and chat about Nitropage and other topics.


Solid Discord

The Solid Discord server is a place the talk about everything related to Solid and it also has a #nitropage specific channel.